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Heera Moti is an eminent jewelry manufacturer servicing many of the finest retailers throughout North America and Canada for over 30 years. Our company was founded on the vision of the late M.T. Sadhwani. At a young age, his son Naresh apprenticed under the tutelage of world renowned designers and diamond cutters, where he was inspired to develop his own unique diamond cuts and jewelry designs. Naresh always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and he founded the company with a new vision for the jewelry industry. Designing classy, elegant, and sophisticated pieces of jewelry has been an enduring tradition within Heera Moti.


Over the past 30 years as a diamantaire, Naresh has worked with diamonds, precious metals, and rare gemstones to assemble the finest pieces. Our quality control team rejects 96% of all diamonds presented to us, and only the remaining 4% go on to become Heera Moti diamonds. Every diamond has a story, and Heera Moti diamonds are recognized for their special cut emphasizing brilliance and luster. Heera Moti has a talented team of gemologists, artisans, and designers, who have an unparalleled dedication to quality craftsmanship. 

The Story Of Heera Moti: Diamond Fine Jewelry Since 1987

A Story Of Family, Relationships, Passion And Affection

(Designers: Naresh & Sonia Sadhwani)
(GIA Graduate Gemologist: Ishaan & Heena Sadhwani)

Our Story

Our company designs and manufactures diamond, bridal, fancy cut, and gemstone fine jewelry across our collections. Naresh Sadhwani has overseen the company over the past three decades, and his son Ishaan recently joined Heera Moti upon completing his studies at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Heera Moti is proud to showcase the following 3 collections which are prominently featured:


Brilliant Baguette Collection™ – The Brilliant Baguette collection is a diamond and gemstone jewelry collection featuring rubies, emeralds, and sapphire stones. The stones come in different styling from contemporary and modern to traditional and classic. The Baguettes are focus on the highest-quality stones and have over 4,500 styles to choose from. Our price points are very competitive and combine vintage designs with a modern-day flair.


Swing & Sparkle Collection™ – This is an exquisite collection of Shimmering Diamonds known for their breathtaking sparkle. Swing & Sparkle gives diamonds a new reason to sparkle along with the movements and pulsations of the individual wearing the piece. 


 Diamond Mens Collection™ - This unique collection primarily features Mens Bands & Fine Jewelry. Heera Moti has a legendary collection of rings and bracelets to complement every joyous moment. This collection features an innovative and classic array of wedding rings for Him. All Groom rings for weddings are handmade from the finest diamonds and metal alloys available. 

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